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Dr. Soner Tarim

Soner Tarim Dr. Soner Tarim is a founding member and current superintendent of Harmony Public Schools, high performing K-12 public charter schools located in Texas with a strong focus on science, technologies, engineering, and math (STEM) providing opportunities for underserved communities. He is the driving force in creating STEM academies with an emphasis on college-readiness and the tracking of performance metrics of its high caliber students.

A luminary in the Charter School Community, his leadership philosophy recognizes the need to develop meaningful partnerships, maintain open collaborative lines of communication, and leverage relationships with high-level corporate, business, civic, legislative and international leaders to advance the mission of Harmony and opportunities for its beneficiaries.

Over his 24 year professional career, Dr. Tarim has developed innovative educational programs geared to K-12 schools. He is highly sought after as a consultant and as a speaker in state charter & STEM conferences and has distinguished himself as a results-oriented educator with unrivaled expertise and knowledge in developing and managing innovative charter schools.

Under Dr. Tarim's leadership, Harmony has grown to 36 schools and 20,000 students from throughout the state of Texas, many of which have been recognized as academically competitive schools in the nation. Harmony has received numerous outstanding awards and recognitions including the National Title I Distinguished School Award for closing the achievement gap and a Broad Prize nomination.

Dr. Tarim holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University and is a trained biologist and ecologist. In addition to his background in biological sciences, he has taught many courses in the field of biology, ecology, general science, and physical education at the high school, college and graduate school levels. Dr. Tarim has spearheaded scientific symposiums and international science Olympiads including I-SWEEEP (the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, and Environment Project), the largest science fair event of its kind comprising over 1,000 top-ranked high school students representing 43 states and over 70 nations world-wide presenting and sharing their ideas, experiences, and knowledge to promote maintaining global sustainability. He has also has developed and directed successful after school programs.

Dr. Tarim has published numerous peer reviewed scientific articles, policies, procedures, and guidelines for charter schools in the areas of Admissions, Governance, and Human Resources. He is a certified school board member and school administrator trainer and sits on the Board of Directors of the Region 4 Education Service Center, which is the largest Texas educational service center providing services to 54 school districts representing over 1,000,000 students and more than 83,000 professional educators.

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Harmony Science Academy-Odessa

Wednesday Mail

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Enrollment/Registration for our 2016 TOTB Summer camp is now open!

Students will discover and learn the fundamentals of engineering. TOTB Summer Camp provides eight engineering workshops, snacks, and a TOTB t-shirt.


Workshops include: Robotics, Hardware & Design, Archaeology, 3D-Design, Circuits, Biomedical, Rockets, and Character Ed.


Don't miss out! Enrollment is on a "first come first serve basis" due to limited space.


Dress Code and Grooming Policy

Uniform Top

  • All students must wear the Harmony School uniform shirt. This shirt must be purchased from the school, and may not be substituted with a plain red polo shirt.


  • Properly fitting navy blue,black or khaki pants. (For all grade levels)
  • Properly fitting navy blue,black or khaki shorts (K-8 only).
  • Shorts must be to the knee or longer. No skirts are allowed.
  • Black or dark blue fitted belt. (4-12 Only)

Pants and Slacks

  • No jeans or cargo-style pants/shorts may be worn.
  • Pants may not be baggy or sag, or have a low waistline.
  • Pants must be worn properly at waist.
  • Pant legs may not be rolled up.
  • Belts must fit properly and not hang down when buckled.Belts should be plain with no rhinestones, wording, or designs.


  • No sandals, mules, “Ugs”, high heels, boots or Crocs are allowed.
  • No Heelies (shoes with wheels), no illuminated shoes, or light up shoes are allowed.
  • All shoes must have backs or secure straps on the heel for safety.
  • Shoelaces must be tied at all times. No long shoelaces are allowed.
  • Shoes must be kept clean at all times.


  • No hats, caps, bandannas, or other headwear are allowed.
  • No outerwear, such as windbreakers, jean jackets, or ski jackets, may be worn inside the classroom. Such items must be stored in the student’s locker.
  • “Hoodies” may not be worn inside the school building.
  • No pullovers or sweatshirts are allowed.

Dress Code on Free Dress Days

All general guidelines for dress apply on free dress days, even though school uniforms are not mandatory. Garments must be free of holes, tears, inappropriate wording, logos, messages or advertising. No short, skintight, or legging dresses, or skirts may be worn. All dresses must have sleeves. Students may not wear low cut, midriff-baring, or backless blouses. Students may wear jeans, but they cannot be tight or skinny jeans. Clothing items must not depict images of violence. Parents will be called to bring a change of clothes or pick up a child if he or she violates the dress code.

Personal Appearance

  • No facial or body piercings are allowed.
  • No clip-on jewelry (earrings, nose rings, etc.) is allowed. Girls may wear only one pair of stud earrings; no large dangling or hoop earrings are allowed. Boys may not wear earrings.
  • No spike/gaged earrings. No spike necklaces or bracelets.
  • Necklaces must be tucked into uniform shirt.
  • Bracelets and necklaces are limited to 1 or 2.
  • No tattoos (permanent or temporary) are allowed.
  • No extreme hairstyles (Mohawk/Fohawk/Designs Cut and Spiked-Up) or extreme colored hair are allowed. Boys’ hair may not pass the neck. Sideburns may be to the tip of the ear lobe.
  • Sunglasses are not permitted.
  • No facial hair for high school male students. Boys must be clean shaven.
  • Wallets with chains are not permitted.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Girls may wear tasteful make-up and nail polish that does not call attention to the student. Based upon administrative discretion.

Thank you - Class of 2019

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